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Hansa Rostock

Hansa Rostock Information

Address:   Trotzenburger Weg 14, 18057 Rostock
Telephone: (03 81) 49 99 90
Fax: (03 81) 49 99 970
Founded: 28-Dec-1965
Stadium: Ostseestadion
Website: www.fc-hansa.de

Hansa Rostock History

FC Hansa Rostock is a German football club of the Bundesliga (premier league), based in the City of Rostock. The side is currently in its 10th consecutive Bundesliga season. This year, the Ostseestadion, Hansa's home arena, celebrates its 50th birthday.

The club was founded on December 28, 1965, when the soccer division of the club SC Empor Rostock diverged and the new FC Hansa Rostock was founded. The antecedent had been created in 1954, when the team of the SC Empor Lauter was ordered to relocate to Rostock to form a forceful team playing in the new Ostseestadion (finished in 1954).

The 1960s were the most successful time for the club. 1962-1964 the team was three times the vice champion of the East German premier league, the Oberliga, as well as four times losing the final of the East German Cup.

In the 1970s the club mostly finished in the lower half of the table, being relegated to the second division for a while.

In the 1980s the success returned, especially when the club surprisingly became last Oberliga champion (after the German reunification renamed to NOFV-Oberliga) in 1991, as well as winning the East German Cup for the first time. The club thus qualified for the Bundesliga.

However after only one year in the first league they went down to the second league, managing to return to the first league in 1995, and having remained there for nine years now.

Several famous German soccer players were brought up by FC Hansa Rostock, only to be sold to wealthier clubs like Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund most notably Stefan Beinlich and Oliver Neuville.


In a study, FC Hansa Rostock placed fourth in Germany (after Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and Schalke 04) in terms of fans. It has currently about 3.8 million supporters.


The old Ostseestadion was built in 1954, with the participation of several hundreds of citizens of Rostock who helped for free.

In 2001, the new 30,000 seat stadium was completed.

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