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Blackburn Rovers FC

Blackburn Rovers FC Information

Address:   Ewood Park, BLACKBURN. BB2 4JF
Telephone: (01254) 698888
Fax: (01254) 671042
Founded: 5-Nov-1875
Stadium: Ewood Park
Website: www.rovers.co.uk

Blackburn Rovers FC History

Blackburn Rovers is an English Premier League football club based in the town of Blackburn, Lancashire.

Blackburn Rovers was established in 1875, and in 1888 became a founder member of the English Football League. In 1890 Rovers moved to its permanent home at Ewood Park.

Until the formation of the Premier League in 1992, the majority of Blackburn Rovers' success was pre-1930 when they won the league and F.A. Cup on several occasions.

In the early 1990s Jack Walker, a local boy and life-long supporter who made millions in the steel industry, invested heavily in the club. He lured former Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish as manager and a number of shrewd player purchases followed, most notably Alan Shearer. This lifted the club back into the Premier League and after finishing runners-up to Manchester United in 1993/1994, Rovers won the championship the following year. A slump followed in the late 1990s, with relegation to League Division One. The team returned to form in 2000 and secured promotion back into the Premier League and in 2002 won the League Cup, beating Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Blackburn Rovers is still the only team to win the F.A. Cup three years in succession, for which they were awarded a special trophy in 1886, and is one of only a handful of clubs to be a founder member of both the Football League and the Premier League.

Early history

The club Blackburn Rovers was the idea of John Lewis and Arthur Constantine during a seventeen-man meeting at the Leger Hotel, Blackburn in November 1875. The make up of its inital members was predominately wealthy well-connected individuals -- a fact that would help it survive and rise beyond the large number of other local teams around at the time.

The first match played by Blackburn Rovers took place in Church, Lancashire on 18 December 1875 -- and was a 1-1 draw. Although the make-up of the team was not recorded it is generally thought to be: Thomas Greenwood (goal), Jack Baldwin, Fred Birtwhistle, (full-backs), Arthur Thomas, J. T. Sycelmore (half-backs), Walter Duckworth, John Lewis, Thomas Dean, Arthur Constantine, Hary Greenwood, Richard Birtwhistle (forwards), in a 2-2-6 formation.

At this time, the club had no ground of its own, and no gate receipts. Its only income was from members' subscriptions -- 2 8s 0d during the first season.

During the 1876-1877 season, Rovers finally gained a ground of its own -- a piece of farmland at Oozehead. Although in reality it was little more than a meadow with a pool in the middle that had to be covered with planks and turf when playing. It did, however, allow the club to begin to collect gate receipts: 6s 6d during that season. Occasional games were also played at Pleasington cricket ground.

Subsequently Blackburn Rovers rented the home of the East Lancashire Cricket Club for their matches: Alexandra Meadows. The inaugural game was played against Partick Thistle, the most prestigious club Rovers had played until then. The result was a 2-1 win for Blackburn.

Blackburn Rovers FC Honours, Trophies & Awards

Date Honour
1884,1885,1886,1890,1891,1928 F.A. Cup winners
1882,1960 F.A. Cup runners-up
2002 Worthington (League) Cup winners
1987 Full Members Cup winners
1994-95 Premier League champions
1993-94 Premier League runners-up
1911-12, 1913-1914 League division 1 champions
1938-39 League division 2 champions
1957-58 League division 2 runners-up
1974-75 League division 3 champions
1979-80 League division 3 runners-up

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